Master Class: Dave Egan - Ukulele Ergonomics

Kuumbwa Jazz Presents

Master Class: Dave Egan - Ukulele Ergonomics

Wed · June 14, 2017

7:00 pm


In the past Ukulele Master Classes we have concentrated on playing jazz standard on the uke and also understanding more complex chords. This year we will move our focus to how to play more complex arrangements that get us out of first position open chords. It doesn't do much good to study a jazz arrangement if you can’t convince your fingers to play it! One subject that falls through the cracks in many instruction books and classes is how to properly hold, fret and strum the uke. In this workshop you will learn a series of simple adjustments that will yield amazing results in forming a relaxed and efficient playing style. Left hand technique will also be addressed. Smooth chord changes and better tone with some simple adjustments. We will learn some fun arrangements too.  For best results, you should have a uke strap for this workshop.


Venue Information:
Kuumbwa Jazz Center
320-2 Cedar Street
Santa Cruz, CA, 95060